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An app for media organisations to internally track gender balance across content on their news site over time. Currently being tested by our media partners. Please contact us to find out more.

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Measuring gender balance

1 Prominence of women

How prominent are women in stories? Gender Tracker measures how many times women feature in a story vs men. It also looks at what proportion of the main characters in a story are women.

2 Inclusion of women's voices and perspectives

Stories shouldn't just be about women, they should be told from their perspectives too. Gender Tracker measures quotes by women sources, as well as the proportion of stories written by women (Media App only).

3 Depcition of women

COMING SOON. Women might feature in stories, but in ways that stereotype them or that are sexist or derogatory. Gender Tracker will soon look at whether a story refers to traditionally female roles and jobs, women's physical appearance and age, and women's personality traits and behaviour. It will track whether offensive and explicit terms are being used to refer to women. And it will also look the commonly used gender biased terms that we use in our everyday language.

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